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Tis The Season… For Beer

With Thanksgiving still a week away it might be a bit premature to start talking about Christmas and Hanukkah, but it’s never too early to begin thinking about what gifts to get your loved ones. And besides, every single store out there is already completely decorated for the season.

I understand that it can often be extremely difficult in finding the perfect gift for the  men in the family. I mean what do we really enjoy? Sports, Beer, Movies, Music, Beer, Video Games, Beer. We really do love beer. Well, I’m here to give you a few options for the beer lover among your family and friends. There are a ton of great options for this holiday.

The Oxford Companion To Beer – Edited by Garrett Oliver

This is THE book to get this season. This expansive book is the first reference work detailing the history and culture of mankind’s greatest creation, Beer. Read about beer pairings, pub games and the development of beer styles from around the world.  $40 from Amazon


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Now Be Nice, Samuel Adams

Today, the Boston Beer Co., brewer of Samuel Adams, is filing suit against a former employee for violating a non-compete clause by working for Anchor Brewing Co. (Read the article here). The Boston Beer Co. claims that Judd Hausner, a former employee, signaled his intentions to leave Boston to work for Anchor Brewing in San Francisco, CA in direct violation of a non-compete agreement he signed. The agreement stated that if Hausner were to leave Boston Beer Co., he would not work for another company in the “Better Beer” category for a full year. Hausner was hoping to take a key sales and marketing position with Anchor.

This is bad news for craft beer.     Continue reading

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