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Tuesday Musings

I’m working on a post about my recent trip to Santa Barbara, but in the meantime here is the first video I shot for Beer Belly.


Tomorrow, we will be headed to Golden Road Brewing in Atwater Village to shoot another video. I am really excited that we’ll get to speak with Meg Gill, co-owner of the brewery. I’m hoping to get more time editing this video so that I can improve upon the previous one.


I am also planning a return to homebrewing. My last beer was a pale ale brewed with Calypso hops. It was a great beer with a lot of pear and apple flavors. A friend of mine gifted me a pound of Cascade hops grown on his parent’s farm, so I’m putting together a recipe that will lend itself to Cascade. I’m thinking of brewing a (Brown) IPA, or a hoppy wheat beer.




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