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The Beer World

This is the first weekly edition of a round up of what’s going on in the World of the Fermented Arts.

Sam Adams officially sues Anchor Brewing…

Craft Beer taking over the arena in Nashville…

A hospital run on beer?

A Pulque renaissance in Mexico…


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Now Be Nice, Samuel Adams

Today, the Boston Beer Co., brewer of Samuel Adams, is filing suit against a former employee for violating a non-compete clause by working for Anchor Brewing Co. (Read the article here). The Boston Beer Co. claims that Judd Hausner, a former employee, signaled his intentions to leave Boston to work for Anchor Brewing in San Francisco, CA in direct violation of a non-compete agreement he signed. The agreement stated that if Hausner were to leave Boston Beer Co., he would not work for another company in the “Better Beer” category for a full year. Hausner was hoping to take a key sales and marketing position with Anchor.

This is bad news for craft beer.     Continue reading

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