Say Hello To LA’s Newest Brewery Golden Road Brewing

LA’s newest brewery, Golden Road Brewing, opened this past Sunday and I of course had to be there. GRB had a huge grand opening party with a long list of guest kegs. I’ve been reading about this new brewery for several months now so I was really excited to finally check it out. As I tend to do all too frequently, I forgot to take a lot of pictures while I was there, so you’ll have to be okay with just a couple. Deal with it.

The brewery is the love child between Tony Yanow, owner of Tony’s Darts Away andMohawk Bend, and Meg Gill, of Speakeasy Brewing and Oscar Blues. Meg was lucky enough to convince John Carpenter from Dogfish Head to swap coasts and brew beer for them. Good choice Meg!  Three of John’s beers were on tap for the opening party, Point The Way IPA, Hefeweizen, and Burning Bush IPA (a smoked IPA). I had a glass of each and loved all of three of them.

Tony told me that GRB is planning on brewing a variety of cask ales. Unlike many other breweries, GRB will brew beers with the intention of putting them into casks. If you haven’t had a cask ale do yourself a favor and go get one. You won’t regret it.

What really excited me about GRB is that they intend to brew sessionable beers. A session beer, by American standards, is generally considered to be under 5.5-6% ABV. I can’t praise these guys enough for bucking the trend and brewing an IPA that’s not 8%. I can finally have more than one IPA without feeling like I’ve been knocked in the head by a thousand pound ball of hops. High ABV IPAs have their place, but I like to be able to spread my beer drinking out throughout the whole night. GRB is finally delivering this to us! And the best thing is that their beer is really freaking good!

Point The Way IPA

A phenomenal IPA weighing in at only 5.2%. This is a very well balanced hop forward beer with a wonderful orange aroma. There’s a nice bitterness bite at the finish of the beer. There’s a great hop character to this beer. It smells and tastes of wonderful citrus flavors. This is something I could drink all day and I can’t wait to get the opportunity to do that.


Banana, Clove, Bubble Gum. This is a very authentic hefeweizen. It brings me back to my time in Germany where I drank some of the world’s best hefs. It has the exact aroma and flavor that a hefeweizen should have. I haven’t been wowed by many American interpretations of this style, but GRB nails it.

Burning Bush IPA

First of all, I love the name of this beer. Genius. I usually don’t like smoked beers, especially Rauchbier, but Burning Bush was really surprising. The smoked malt adds just enough smokiness without overpowering the palate. The hops provide a nice counterpoint to that smokiness and probably are why I find this beer to be nicely balanced. GRB plan to release a series of seasonal IPAs brewed with local ingredients. I can’t wait to see what their next IPA will be.

I already love this brewery. I can’t wait to see them grow and hopefully positively change the LA beer scene. Cheers to you Golden Road Brewing.


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